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Floating River Trash is Threatening Regional Hydropower Plant
Huge islands of garbage floating on some rivers in the Balkans are causing an environmental emergency and threatening a regional hydropower plant. ... more >>

Wetland Acquisition and Restoration in Vermont
A new program to restore Vermont wetlands not only will protect and improve water quality it will also provide habitat for wildlife and public-use value for hunting, fishing and other dispersed wildlife-based recreation for Vermonters. ... more >>

Game and Fish Exploring Ways to Address Algae at Renner Reservoir
Aquatic vegetation in a body of water is important because it provides habitat and food for macroinvertebrates, which in turn provide food for fish, the Game and Fish says. Macrophytes also stabilize sediment and provide cover for fish, but Chara is far less beneficial to aquatic ecosystems. ... more >>

Scientists Identify Deadly Chemical Killing Coho Salmon
Haunted by the sight of disoriented coho salmon keeling over and dying before they could spawn, scientists have been searching for more than 20 years to find a deadly chemical thought to be prevalent in the urban streams of Puget Sound. ... more >>

Plastic Water Pipes Can Leak Hazardous Chemicals after High Heat Exposure
Plastic drinking water pipes that were exposed to high heat can leak hazardous chemicals such as benzene into water supplies. ... more >>

Restoration Of Wetlands Can Be The Best Purification Strategy For Nitrate-Laden Water
A new study maps the potential of wetlands - an ecosystem flooded with water and supporting a vegetation of aquatic plants - to improve water quality. Through the study, the researchers claim that regrowing wetlands can act as a key strategy for improving water that is laden with contaminants like nitrate. ... more >>

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10 Reasons to Care about Aquatic Invasive Species - Invasive Species have been steadily gaining more interest with lawmakers, interest groups and the public since the introduction of zebra mussels into Lake Minnetonka and the threat of Asian carp in the Mississippi River. Here are the top ten reasons you should care about preventing the spread of AIS.

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