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Rebound in Water Quality Likely Due to Weed Harvester
Georgica Pond’s water quality improved last year, which was likely the result of the aquatic weed harvester that has removed macroalgae from the pond in recent summers. ... more >>

State Blocks Chemical Treatment at Stockbridge Bowl
The state Department of Environmental Protection has ruled in support of a ban on the use of chemicals to deal with a weed infestation in Stockbridge Bowl. ... more >>

Zebrafish Could be Key to Parkinson's Disease Treatment
Scientists believe zebrafish hold important clues in the search for treatments for Parkinson's disease. ... more >>

Invasive Species Wrecking Assam's Rhino Habitats
Parthenium can be seen growing vigorously in the grassland areas inside Pobitora National Park. Conservationists are worried the invasive weed will crowd out native fodder plants for Assam’s rhino habitats. ... more >>

Oceanographer Testifies Plastic Pellets are Poisonous
An oceanographer who researches plastic pollution testified in a lawsuit that the plastic pellets could carry toxic mercury. The Formosa plant produces about 1 trillion such pellets, but the amount released daily is a key point of contention between both sides. ... more >>

Adidas to Make 11 Million Pairs of Shoes from Recycled Ocean Plastic
Caring for the planet and caring for our bodies are similar in the sense that they both require great dedication, effort and resilience-but now they have something else in common; you will soon be able to buy Adidas brand running shoes that are made completely from recycled ocean plastic. ... more >>

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Keeping Freshwater Fisheries Area Healthy - When members of the Freshwater Fisheries Society (Peniat) in Tanjung Tualang, Perak, found that their fishing areas were invaded by water hyacinth, which caused a drop in the number of catches two years ago, they knew they needed help to curb the deteriorating quality of the lake ecosystem.

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