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Three Million Pounds of Weeds Harvested So Far by Chautauqua Lake Association
The past two months have been productive for the Chautauqua Lake Association, and the work is just getting started. July is expected to be even more productive with the expansion to a third site to efficiently maintain Chautauqua Lake’s ecology. ... more >>

Made in Wisconsin
Aquarius Systems, in North Prairie, makes an aquatic weed harvesters used around the world. ... more >>

Online Class Helps Paddlers Identify Aquatic Invasive Species
Kayakers, paddleboarders and canoeists can also be key in the fight to protect the waters they love by identifying and reporting aquatic invasive species they encounter. ... more >>

Important Wetland Habitats From Around The World
A wetland is a distinct ecosystem that is characterized by the fact that it tends to be inundated with water, either on a permanent or seasonal basis. These natural environments play a number of important roles, acting as water purifiers, water storage, and important ecological support to plants and animals, to name a few of their functions. ... more >>

Chemical Treatment For Aquatic Invasives May Hurt Native Lake Plants
Lake managers might be hurting native aquatic plants – instead of helping them – when they use chemicals to control invasive plants on entire lakes. ... more >>

Endocrine Disruptors in Lakes are Becoming an Emerging Concern
Over the past few years, studies of Minnesota’s waters have found a variety of unregulated chemicals -- such as pharmaceuticals, fragrances, fire retardants, detergents and insecticides -- which are widespread in the state’s lakes and rivers. ... more >>

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Aquatic Plant Harvesters Used in Madison Lakes for 50 years - Floating weed harvesters have opened passages through Dane County’s dense tangles of underwater plants for about 50 years.

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