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July 2020
More People Than Ever Appreciate Lakes ... more >>

June 2020
America’s Killer Lawns ... more >>

May 2020
Sea Turtles Thriving Amid Quarantine ... more >>

April 2020
The Boston Ice Party ... more >>

March 2020
Hooked on Fish Fry Friday ... more >>

February 2020
Something Fishy about this Plastic ... more >>

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Invasive Elodea has Alaska Ecologists, Homeowners and Aviators Concerned - Elodea, a slender plant with whorled leaves, has been identified in four main areas in Alaska. Elodea's popularity as an aquarium plant and specimen in school and university biology supply kits is considered the leading reason for its uninvited presence in Alaska waters. The Anchorage School District uses science packets containing elodea for microscope examination lessons.

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