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Hong Kong Must Clean up Its Act When It Comes to Garbage
Pictures of beaches awash with bottles and plastic bags are certainly not a feast for the eyes. But our garbage problems are still looming large weeks after the unpleasant news made headlines in the city. We trust readers share the concern after seeing more disturbing images in our investigative report on the possible source of marine refuse, and hopefully, prompts immediate follow-up action from the authorities concerned.

A staggering 78,000kg of marine garbage was cleared by the government in early July. Simplified Chinese characters were found on some packaging, raising concerns whether they came from the mainland. But a government-commissioned study found that about 95 per cent of our marine waste is local. Blaming our neighbours alone risks overlooking the full picture.

The truth is that we are one of the most wasteful places on the planet, with an average 14,859 tonnes of solid waste discarded every day in 2014.

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