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Using Invasive Species to Cook Sustainably
An out-of-towner at a Kentucky restaurant might be hooked by the sound of the Kentucky carp special. That preparation sure sounds tasty, all browned in butter and served atop a sweet potato puree. Perhaps it's a regional delicacy, caught locally just this morning.

Perhaps, too, you know it by its more familiar name: Asian carp.

The notorious jumping fish that has body slammed fishermen from Arkansas to Illinois is now making its way onto menus in the Bluegrass State and beyond, part of a larger trend of embracing invasive species at the dinner table. Call it culinary conservation: using invasive animals to cook sustainably, which, in turn, puts a dent in populations that are dangerously altering ecosystems.

A number of organizations have dedicated themselves to advocating for control through consumption, including Eat the Invaders and

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Research on Fighting Starry Stonewort Yields Limited Success - Researchers from the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Center have studying how to combat starry stonewort , which has been spread to 11 lakes across the state. They found that a combination of mechanical harvesting and algaecide greatly reduced the biomass of the plants in the treated area. And it was more effective than chemical treatment alone.

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