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Non-Native Species Impacts Plant and Animal Communities
The introduction of non-native species impacts our plant and animal communities, including local streams, lakes, and estuaries. There has been a lot of concern about the influence that nonnative crayfish are having on our waterways across Maryland.

Introduced crayfish, such as the rusty crayfish and red swamp crayfish, have been transported into our region for use as fishing bait or as a food source in aquaculture. These crayfish are aggressive, eat a lot, grow quickly, have large claws, and tend to establish sizeable colonies.

Large colonies of alien crayfish can also impact submerged aquatic vegetation — the plants that help aerate the water. Losing this vegetation reduces dissolved oxygen, which further degrades water quality. Some studies have also found that alien crayfish populations affect amphibian populations by consuming eggs and eating the young after they hatch.

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Water Pollution Caused by Birth Control - After the active ingredient in most birth control pills has done its duty at preventing pregnancy, it begins a second life as a pollutant that can harm wildlife in waterways. Ethinyl estradiol is quite potent which is creating “intersex” fish and amphibians, plus it is very difficult to remove from wastewater.

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