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Little Lake Sees Big Developments with Honeoye Research
New research on Honeoye Lake could crack the code for what ails that lake and waterways everywhere: Harmful blue-green algae. The project involving citizens, students and scientists has this summer uncovered new clues to what spawns and fuels those nasty algae blooms that plague Honeoye and other lakes.

Algae can multiply quickly in waterways with an overabundance of nitrogen, which is the focus of the study that has been taking place this summer.

Another first this summer is the debut of a barge in the Ontario County’s Honeoye Lake Aquatic Vegetation Management Program. The program removes weeds from the lake, which also removes nutrients in excessive plant growth that contributes to growth of blue-green algae.

Weeds collected along shore go onto the harvester or, more often, to a shoreline conveyor and into a dump truck. So far this year, the program has removed about 240 wet tons of vegetation. This plant material goes to area farms or gardens for use as compost and mulch.

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