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Lake Association Voices Opposition to Herbicide Use
The Chautauqua Lake Association (CLA) says it has filed objections to a permit applications that would allow for the application of two powerful herbicides to 1,200 acres of Chautauqua Lake this coming summer.

The CLA is the organization that helps manage weeds on the lake by operating a number of harvesters to remove weeds throughout the summer season.

The 10 objections (printed below) from the CLA range from failure to notify all effected shoreline property owners, to the lack of scientific understanding of lake currents that could spread the chemical herbicides well beyond the areas being targeted for herbicide use. Because the permit calls for the use of both the chemicals Aquathol K and Navigate, the CLA also argues the effective coverage area is actually 2,400 acres under the current permitting request.

The 10 objections cited by the CLA to the DEC are:

1. Inappropriate herbicide use endangers fish, animals, birds, insects and plants.
     The applications also do not fit within any invasive species or lake management plan ever written &  the fully implemented aquatic plant    harvesting can work to control nuisance plant growth in Chautauqua Lake – without resorting to herbicides.
2. Affected property owners were not appropriately notified.
3. Failure to comply with county plans.
4. Permit application defies DEC regulations.
5. Proper testing was not performed in 2018
6. “Need” for herbicide use based on flawed surveys.
7. Conflict of interest on who applies the herbicide.
8. Bottom cover should be determined by third-party divers, not guesswork.
9. Coverage area could reach 2,400 acres, without third-party, scientific evaluation of need or efficacy.
10. Lake current patterns – which could disperse the chemicals over a much wider area – are unknown.

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Winter Drawdown Cause of Rapid Weed Growth - Swimming, boating, and fishing on the lake are prohibited for a 24-hour period after application, but using lake water to irrigate vegetable gardens or other food sources remains restricted for about thirty days after the initial treatment. According to state and federal environmental agencies, the substance is harmful if it’s swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. People and their pets should also avoid contact or breathing vapors or spray mist as it’s applied.

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