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Diamond Lake Chemical Treatment Caused Fish Kill
Michigan anglers are fed up with the way some area lake associations have amped up their aquatic plant treatments in recent years.

The annual dump of herbicides has destroyed a lot of fish habitat in recent years. It doesn’t matter whether you fish for panfish, bass, pike or walleye; excessive treatments have negative effects.

Plants not only provide good habitat for young fish that can grow to become big fish, but they absorb nutrients coming into the lake to help keep it clear.

Untimely or over-zealous chemical treatments will turn a relatively clear lake into a brownish color, and it can kill fish like it did at Diamond Lake this summer, when an estimated 1,000 gamefish died a couple of days after a weed treatment.

Fisherman, Frank Yavaraski, “I’ve never understood how lake association members are willing to let their children swim in these lakes heavily treated with herbicides, yet they will spend $10 for a gallon of organic milk.”

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