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Increased River Vegetation Pleases Anglers, Frustrates Boaters
A recent increase in aquatic vegetation in Wheeler Reservoir has anglers smiling, but local skiers, pleasure boaters and homeowners see the weeds as a menace.

Tennessee Valley Authority officials said they are hearing lots of complaints from homeowners and boaters about the hydrilla, eel grass, star grass and milfoil up and down the river.  However, their focus is on maintaining access to the lake at ramps and developed recreation areas.

An aquatic weed harvester is used to to cut channels in the weeds on the water, to get in and out of these public access areas, but eradicating the aquatic plants can negatively affect the health of the waterway and impact the local economy.

TVA Aquatic Plant Harvester with
Texas Governor, George W. Bush

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The Scum isn’t Toxic - The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has confirmed that the surface scum floating in Sunshine Lake and the Sunrise Waterway does not have the potential to produce toxins. Similar tests conducted by the DEP revealed the blue-green algae, which is also growing in the lake, was nontoxic as well.

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