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Museum to be Created Featuring Underwater Debris
A local activist and landowner have teamed up to provide a temporary home for objects found at the bottom of the Gowanus Canal. 

More than 275 relics — including a massive anchor, an electric iron and an antique coffee pot with its paint still intact — were removed from the canal’s Fourth Street Turning Basin as part of the waterway’s long-term clean up.

The most common item was bricks from various companies. Other notable objects included wagon wheels, iron cleats and a wooden block with metal pulleys.

The artifacts are important because we have a very important neighborhood, as one of the most important battles of the revolution was fought in Gowanus.

The underwater debris, accumulated over centuries, was removed from the area during the EPA’s pilot-dredging project in June 2018. The Brooklyn Historical Society has offered to help research and archive the objects as some of the items related to the revolution could date back to 1776.

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