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Thousands of Mysterious Holes Discovered on Seafloor Off California Coast
Researchers have discovered thousands of mysterious holes or pits in the seafloor—measuring 36 feet across and three feet deep on average—off Big Sur, California.

Pockmarks are similar to micro-depressions albeit much larger, measuring around 600 feet across on average and 16 feet deep in this particular field. Since 1999, MBARI scientists have uncovered more than 5,200 of these almost-circular and evenly-spaced pockmarks across an area of around 500 square miles off Big Sur.

Many of the micro-depressions contained exotic objects, including rocks, animal bones and bits of kelp.  Meanwhile others contained different kinds of marine trash, such as fishing gear and plastic debris.  These observations imply that marine trash is at least partly responsible for approximately 4,500 of the 15,000 micro-depressions and provide some clues as to how they were created.

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