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Lee County Hyacinth Control Uses Weed Harvester to Clear Canal
Lee County Hyacinth Control manages aquatic plants in our waterways using several different methods. The mechanical weed harvester is an eco-friendly method clears widespread vegetation so boats can navigate through our canals.

Run off in Cape Coral canals comes from many places. It could be your street, your roof or your lawn. The recycled water used for irrigation is loaded with nitrogen and phosphorous which causes plants to thrive and contributes to algae outbreaks. 

Last week Lee County Hyacinth Control cleared out about a miles worth of yellow pond lily from the Shelburne Canal in Cape Coral. Trapped inside that vegetation, was the equivalent of 10 pounds of fertilizer.

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Flooding raises pollution fears - Swamped farm fields and gorged rivers could worsen pollution worries for the flooded Lake Champlain because of the high amount of phosphorus that has washed into it. Heavy rains and snowmelt have caused the Winooski River to dump into the lake about 77 metric tons of phosphorus – that is more phosphorous than the amount that is discharged into the lake from all 60 wastewater treatment plants.

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