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Online Class Helps Paddlers Identify Aquatic Invasive Species
The MI Paddle Stewards new self-paced, online program from Michigan Sea Grant and Michigan State University Extension will help paddlers learn about important invasive species, how to properly clean a watercraft, and how to report invasive species. Paddlers will learn to use the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network app, a reporting tool used by Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources and others to locate invasive species of concern. 

Registration is open for the online course, which features six short sessions and costs $20. Participants who complete the class will receive a certificate, bucket hat, towel, waterproof phone case, dry bag and more. (The class is free if participants choose not to receive the items.) Participants must complete the six sessions of the course by Dec. 31, 2020. Registration Info can be found at


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Illinois Adds Brazilian Elodea and Eurasian Watermilfoil to List of Banned Plants - One of the most high risk species on both lists is the aquatic superweed Hydrilla verticillata. Hydrilla has not yet arrived in Illinois, but has already been found in Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Tennessee. At one time Hydrilla invasions in the northern U.S. were considered unlikely because of colder temperatures, but a new biotype has been invading and overwintering in several northern states.

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