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Eco-Friendly Methods to Clean Oil Spills
Since the late 1970s, experts estimate that over one million gallons of oil have been spilled into oceans. To clean up oil spills while avoiding more harm to marine wildlife, scientists have been developing eco-friendly ways to remove oil from polluted waters.

Eco-Friendly Methods
India's National Institute of Ocean Technology developed an eco-friendly method to clean up crude oil in oceans using bioremediation. The process involves a combination of nine microbes that degrade hydrocarbons.
Bristol University's researchers have developed an eco-friendly magnetic soap. The soap easily dissolves in the water and contains iron-rich salts which act as a magnetic surfactant.
Researchers from Northwestern University in Illinois have also developed a new method of cleaning up oil spills using a magnetic sponge. The sponge contains magnetic nanostructures with a carbon-based surface. It binds to oil molecules while resisting water at the same time.

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Green Water – Don’t Go In - Ottawa County Health Department issued a no-body contact advisory for two area parks that are dealing with blue-green algae blooms. Algae blooms usually occur in the summer, because algae need sunlight, nitrogen and phosphorus to grow. The hot, dry weather has created an environment where algae can thrive.

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