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Giant Salvinia Returns to Barnett Reservoir after Chemical Treatments
In July, the last known patches of Giant Salvinia, an invasive and aggressive aquatic plant at the Barnett Reservoir, were eliminated.

The vegetation was treated with multiple chemicals and then removed, but after six months of Giant Salvinia being absent from the lake, the cleanup team discovered the unwelcomed guest.  

Apparently a stray piece survived the chemical treatments; and being a fern, a tiny piece can make a whole new plant and it can duplicate in size in just 48 hours. Over the course of six months, that piece can become the size of a cove.

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“One Yard at a Time” Campaign Drawing Donations for Lake Revitalization - With the dredging of Fulton’s portion of Lake Neatahwana underway, the Fulton Community Revitalization Corporation launched its “One Yard at a Time for $12.89” campaign, in which supporters are asked to make a donation of $12.89 or more toward the effort.

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