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Aquarius Systems Wins First Wisconsin Lake Stewardship Award in Business Category

Over the course of more than 35 years, Aquarius Systems has epitomized the definition of “stewardship” for the world of environmental protection through their efforts to protect and restore Wisconsin lakes as well as lakes around the world. Since their founding in the 1950s, Aquarius Systems has supported youth water education, the North American Lake Management Society, the Wisconsin Association of Lakes and countless other groups, initiatives and programs designed to educate, promote good lake management and instill a sound stewardship ethic. By continuing to serve as a valued and valuable economic resource to the Lakes Partnership and other organizations such as the Pennsylvania Lake Management Society and the Texas Aquatic Plant Management Society, as well as an important touchstone of current and future technologies, Aquarius has clearly demonstrated through contributions of time and effort that they have made a positive difference in the continued well-being of our inland waterways, watersheds and ecosystems. This willingness to look beyond the “business” aspects of their work towards a larger ideal of responsible lake management both sets Aquarius Systems apart and sets an example for others in their field.

For exemplary leadership, hard work and a willingness to share with the community, Aquarius Systems is presented with the 2002 Wisconsin Lake Stewardship Award in the Business category.

The Wisconsin Lake Stewardship Awards are presented each year to individuals and groups that have made outstanding contributions of time and effort toward the preservation and protection of Wisconsin’s lake ecosystems. Each year thousands of individuals spend countless hours in the work of lake stewardship; only a few are recognized for their efforts. Those who are nominated join a long and distinguished list of women and men whose dedication, vision and commitment ensure that Wisconsin’s legacy of lakes will be safe and secure for generations to come.

Reprinted from the 2002 Wisconsin Association of Lakes Conference Program


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Wisconsin - the Birthplace of the Modern Weed Harvesters - The first aquatic plant harvester was built in response to fussy Chicago housewives! Around the turn of the century, ice was harvested from Wisconsin lakes destined for Chicago iceboxes. The housewives there didn't like cleaning out the weeds when the ice melted. This boat was designed to cut down the weeds in the fall so that clean ice could be harvested in the winter.

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