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Water Management Associations
National Geographic Magazine WATER: A Special Issue
Freshwater Crisis Freshwater Crisis
By 2050 a third of the people on Earth may lack a clean, secure source of water. Learn more about challenges and solutions.
Get the Salt Out Get the Salt Out
There’s no shortage of water on the blue planet—just a shortage of fresh water. New desalination technologies may help.
Parting the Waters Parting the Waters
The Jordan River is now depleted by drought, pollution, and overuse. Could the fight to save it forge a path toward peace?
The Burden of Thirst The Burden of Thirst
If the millions of women who haul water long distances had a faucet by their door, whole societies could be transformed.
Silent Streams Silent Streams
Freshwater animals are vanishing faster than those on land or at sea. But captive-breeding programs hold out hope.
How to Help How to Help
Access to clean, fresh water is a pressing problem around the world. These are a few of the many groups that are trying to help.

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Lake Hopatcong Weed Harvesting Haul Nearly Triples from Last Year - Dan Bello, who is supervising the weed control program for the state park, told the Lake Hopatcong Commission on July 21 that the weed harvesters on Lake Hopatcong brought in 800 tons of weeds between June 6 and July 18. According to Bello, that averages about 27 cubic yards a day. In comparison, last year only about 270 tons of weeds were harvested by July 18.

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