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Invasive aquatic plants are choking the life out of waters in Maine and other Northeastern states. Eurasian milfoil and water chestnut is just a couple of the plants that are taking over the lakes and there is very little that can be done to eradicate the plants once they have become firmly established.

As non-native species, the invasive aquatic plants don’t face the parasites and predators that keep native flora in check, and so, when they infect a lake they not only grow rapidly, but they crowd out other plant life, destroying fish habitat.

There is no easy fix to battle these plants either. Sunlight blocking mats impede their growth, but also hurt native plant life as well. Weevils, a biological approach, will eat the plants, but these little bugs are expensive at $3 to $5 each. Herbicides affect native plant life and carry some risk for people and fish too. Mechanical harvesting is sometimes the best that can be done, cut them down annually and to keep them in check and the lake usable.

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Ohio Beach Goers Swim at Their Own Risk - Beaches are supposed to be for swimming, but at many Ohio lakes it’s swim at your own risk. Since 2008, more than 4,200 water samples reported to the Ohio Department of Health indicated levels of E.coli high enough for the state to issue 2,433 advisories warning swimmers that they risk illness if they play in the water.

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