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Volunteers to Fight Aquatic Invasive Species
Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protections (DEEP) has launched a new initiative that relies on local volunteers to help combat the spread of invasive plant and animal species in the state’s lakes.  The trained volunteers fill voids in DEEP staffing and may also offer their services to the hundred's of town-owned and private launches; which the DEEP does not staff.

The volunteers are trained to examine boats for signs of invasive species as well as educate boaters how to properly clean their vessels so they don’t spread the invasive species to other lakes. 

The DEEP is hoping the effort will mitigate the damage the invasive species cause to the lakes.  The goal is to curb the spread of all aquatic invasive species  (19 have already been found in Connecticut's waters including Eurasian milfoil), but special emphasis has been then zebra mussel which destroys marine life by removing sources of food used by some fish and other organisms.

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