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Weeds reduced in Wellesley's Morses Pond

Morses Pond, located in Wellesley Massachusetts not only provides the town with water, but provides the town with an excellent public beach and other and recreational activities. Morses Pond was overrun with weeds, but today they are barely noticeable. Efforts from a Morses Pond Management Plan written in November 2005 and fully implemented two years later to harvest the weeds and control stormwater runoff that enters the pond through its northern watershed, has resulted in clearer water. An occasional piece of duckweed or Eurasian milfoil reaches up through the water, but most areas are spotless.

A big portion of the plan is to reduce the invasive weeds to the point where native plants can be introduced and grow. A weed harvester cuts the aquatic vegetation and dumps it on shore where it is left to dry and then hauled to the Recycling and Disposal Facility to be recycled. The harvesting process is run by the Department of Public Works, Bowser said, which attempts to harvest the whole pond at least twice per summer.

Wellesley's Weed Wacker

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