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Congress OKs $300 million for Great Lakes Cleanup
Awaiting President Barack Obama’s signature is a large spending bill that will fund the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Also included is roughly $533 million for loans at little or no interest for states in the region to upgrade leaky sewer systems.

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative began with 2005 report developed by government agencies, nonprofit groups, Indian tribes, and other interests that said the lakes were on the verge of ecological collapse and needed a huge infusion of cash to deal with the festering problems.

Some of those problems include invasive species such as zebra and quagga mussels; harbors and river mouths tainted for decades with heavy metals and chemicals; loss of habitat caused by wetland degradation; and water pollution from farm and urban runoff.

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Sustainable Phosphorus Recovery from Wastewater - Phosphorus is an essential element for human nutrition. It plays multiple roles in the human body, including the development of bones and teeth. Fertilizer with phosphorus, applied to crops or lawns, enables healthy growth. Without it, the basic cells of plants and animals, and life itself, would not exist. Accumulation of phosphorus can result in problems like algae blooms in lakes and other surface water bodies. In turn, algae blooms deplete oxygen from the water, affecting the delicate balance of aquatic life.

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