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Grass Carp Discoveries Concern Wisconsin Fisheries Officials
Wisconsin however, doesn’t want the grass carp and two recent fish captured, one on the Lower Wisconsin River way and one on the Milwaukee River have DNR fisheries officials examining the fish to determine if the fish are sterile or if we could have a problem.

Grass carp are plant eating machines that can rob lakes of the rooted plants that provide important habitat for native fish and wildlife, and leave behind so much fish waste that they can fuel excessive algae growth. Because of the damage they can do, grass carp are illegal to buy, possess or stock Wisconsin and the DNR destroys the fish when it finds them.

However, the number of grass carp harvested commercially on the Mississippi river increased starting in 2008, when massive flooding occurred in Iowa. Grass carp can still be legally sold and imported to Iowa, and the state itself produces at its hatcheries grass carp for stocking in aquaculture and other ponds. The floods washed a lot of grass carp out of Iowa; some came in the Mississippi River.

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