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Factory Farming Rules Fall Short
Large livestock farms are common around America, but Indiana has nearly 2000 and The Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter has urged the state to require annual reports on how often and how much manure is being spread on fields.

Indiana’s Water Pollution Control Board has updated rules and regulations for large livestock farms known as CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) and CFOs (confined feeding operations). By federal definition a CAFO has over 700 dairy cows, 2,500 pigs or 30,000 chickens. CFOs have over 300 dairy cows, 600 swine, or 30,000 fowl. Both of these operations are commonly called, factory farming.

Environmental organizations are concerned that the update isn’t doing enough to keep the massive amounts of manure from contaminating waterways. They are asking for increased setbacks to protect the nearby watersheds, but assistant commissioner of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Bruce Palin says that is not necessary. He says the setbacks currently in place are adequate and that the updated rules requiring farms to monitor the amount of manure used on fields brings Indiana’s CAFO regulations into line with the EPA.

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