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Lake Michigan Lake Level Lower than Average
In March, the lake levels for Michigan and Huron (they are measured as one) nearly were a half foot above 2011 and more than a foot below the long-term average recorded from 1918 to 2011. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects Lake Michigan levels to rise another four inches in the next month.

The International Upper Great Lakes Study board released the results last week of a $14.6 million, five-year study on water levels. The report advises against using man-made structures to adjust water levels in Lake Michigan.

“Not surprisingly, public concerns about water levels in the upper Great Lakes differ considerably depending on geographic location,” the group said in a news release.  The International Upper Great Lakes Study recommends Great Lakes region residents learn to adapt to the ups and downs of lake levels.  Levels rise in the spring as the rains come and drop again in late summer. There also are long-term cycles of higher and lower water levels.

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