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Roundup Contributes to Algal Blooms
Drs. R. Michael McKay and George Bullerjahn of Bowling Green State University are studying the impact of glyphosate on the strains of blue-green algae found in Lake Erie.

Lake Erie, like many other waterways have been experiencing harmful blue-green algal blooms in recent years. Phosphorus has long been known to act as fuel to blue-green algae, and efforts to limit phosphorus loading in the Lake Erie watershed in the 1970s helped reduce algal blooms. However, the last 15 years have seen an increase in the growth of toxic blooms, contributing to an ever bigger Dead Zone in the lake’s Central Basin and massive fish kills each summer.

Glyphosate, a phosphonate and the main ingredient in the commonly used herbicide, Roundup is believed to be a phosphorus source causing the more recent blooms. Roundup is getting into the watershed at peak farming application times, particularly in the spring.

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