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A $3 Million Investment to Restore Bay
The Stoney Brook University School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences announced that the program to attempt to restore water quality, shellfish populations and marine life in the western reaches of Shinnecock Bay, received $3 million in private donations to fund the program.

The restoration efforts will focus primarily on boosting clam stocks, expanding the presence of eel grass beds, and finding ways to battle the harmful algae blooms that have infected the bay for more than two decades.

Scientists have identified specific areas of the bay where shellfish and eelgrass beds stand the best chance of thriving and thus the best chance of helping, slowly, bring the bay back from the brink. Stoney Brook scientists have also charted the connections between the declining water quality in western Shinnecock, and other bays around Long Island, and the septic systems of residential homes with the bay’s watersheds.

The best hope for restoring the bay to its former glory is to halt the influx of nitrogen-laden water from residential septic systems and rain runoff carrying chemical fertilizers from lawns.

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