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Residents Urge County to Help Clean Up Former Brentwood Lake
Drained more than two years ago due to a leaky dam, the former Brentwood Lake has become swampy marshland that has residents of the Brentwood development complaining.

The development and the lake were built by Spitzer Management and one of its divisions, Spitzer Hardware and Supply, and are considered to be the owner of the land. Spitzer has long contested whether it actually owns the lake and the lake bed. The company has said that Brentwood Lake Homeowners Association should actually be considered the owner.

The problems with the lake began more than a decade ago when the Ohio Department of Natural Resources told Spitzer to fix the leaking lake in 1999, but that never happened and the water level began to drop. A plan to repair the dam was proposed, but never came together to save the lake. The dam was ordered breeched in 2010 and the land was to return to its natural state which is causing a real issue with residents.

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