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Wisconsin Seeing Herbicide Resistant Milfoil
The ongoing battle against aquatic weeds is getting tougher as most invasive species are developing an herbicide-resistant strain and ongoing drought changes the landscape of lakes.

Without artificial control methods, the lake weeds would make Camp Lake and Paddock Lake, among others difficult to navigate as Eurasian watermilfoil spreads in thick mats across the water’s surface. Vern Wolf Lake in Bong State Recreation Area was drained by the state to eradicate milfoil, back has come back with a vengeance the past few years.

In Paddock Lake, a two-man crew cuts weeds with a mechanical weed harvester five days a week throughout the summer to keep the weeds in check. The village hauled 280 truckloads – an estimated 2.2 million pounds of weeds – away to be composted. Herbicides are used in combination with the aquatic plant harvester, but according to Craig Helker, an aquatic plant management specialist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; the hybrid milfoil is more resistant to 2,4-D, or dicholorophenoxyacetic acid and takes higher concentrations to affect the plant.

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Cleaning up the Bronx River - Much of the trash and debris found in New York Harbor originated as litter discarded on city streets that was subsequently washed into the sewer system. The help prevent the litter from reaching the Bronx River, New York Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has installed $26 million of pollution control devices along the Bronx River.

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