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Herbicide Treatment for Aquatic Pest Plants Opposed
The Government and electricity giant Mighty River Power want restrictions lifted on banned pesticides for aquatic weed control. But iwi groups, environmentalists, beekeepers and the eel industry are opposing the move, saying there is not enough evidence to show the chemicals are be released safely into the environment.

A common issue around the world, is herbicide treatment safe? Niwa pricinpal scientist, Paul Champion said there are 16 aquatic pest plants species being targeted for eradication and the 13 currently banned products containing either of the ingredients were acknowledged as “the best way to manage the pest weeds for eradication.”

Bob Tait, a mechanical engineer and volunteer for environmental group Friends of the Earth believes there is insufficient information on the environmental and human health effects of applying the range of chemicals above or into the water. He also questioned the consultation saying there were several interested parties including Watercare and the Auckland District Health Board who were not properly notified.

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Chemical Treatment Kills Thousands of Fish in Hartwell Lake - About 5,000 fish have died because of algaecides applied to Hartwell Lake in an effort to improve the region’s drinking water. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and the state’s public-health agency are investigating the fish kill, which affects the area around the Anderson Joint Regional Water System’s intake on the lake.

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