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Minnesota Aquatic Plant Control May Require Permit

The temperature is rising and everything is growing, even the aquatic plants. That is why the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wants to remind lakeshore property owners that the removal of aquatic plants from Minnesota lakes requires a permit.

Aquatic plants serve many important functions in lakes; they prevent shoreline erosion, stabilize bottom sediments, provide habitat for fish and wildlife, and tie up nutrients that might otherwise grow algae. The removal of too many aquatic plants can impair their ability to perform these important functions.

Lakeshore property owners can control a modest area of aquatic plants for swimming or boat docking without a permit. Cutting, pulling, racking or harvesting submersed vegetation, like pondweeds, watermilfoil or coontail in an area for recreation is allowed if the area is less than 2,500 square feet.

Read More Conditions regarding Permitting


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