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Children are the Key to Eliminating Marine Debris
Plastics account for a staggering 75% of all rubbish found in the seas and some of it ends up killing wildlife. The problem is that our generation has been brought up to be a disposable society. An international expert in marine debris, Plymouth University professor Richard Thompson believes school children can help bring about a sea change in attitudes towards marine pollution.

He is carrying out a survey of more than 300 children taking part in the Blue Mile, an event which aims to teach children about the marine environment. This is taking place at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth from next Monday to Wednesday.

The professor believes youngsters can also influence their parents when it comes to making consumer choices. Thompson is advocating a "green, amber and red" label system on the packaging of goods indicating their impact on the environment. Not only would this allow consumers to make informed decisions when shopping, it would also prompt companies to rethink their use of product materials.

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