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Guntersville Slow Weed Growth a Result of Natural Conditions
Guntersville, a 69,000 acre reservoir has seen extremely slow aquatic plant growth this summer and officials is a result of natural conditions and not spraying. Some spraying was done around boat ramps, beaches and launching ramps, but there hasn’t been any wide-spread spraying this past summer.

Hydrilla got a slow state in spring due to extended cool weather, and then came the monsoons. Every feeder creek has run high and muddy resulting in murky water that has slowed weed growth in many of the big bays where the weeds would be completely topped out in a typically North Alabama summer.

In fact, muddy water can prevent deep water weeds from even starting to grow--they simply die out and rot away, and that appears to have happened in many areas where anglers in other summers would have seen weeds sprouting to the surface at depths of up to 10 feet.

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