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Voters Asked for Money to Battle Eurasian Watermilfoil
As the battle against Eurasian watermilfoil continues area voters are being asked to spend thousands on milfoil eradication. In the past, the lakes groups have sought only minimal funding from towns, but in order to continue more money is needed.

In 2002 Maine began requiring all inland motorized watercraft to display a “milfoil sticker.” Proceeds for the sticker go to eradication.
The state also imposes tough fines for boats that bring milfoil to lakes — there is a $500 fine transporting a boat that has milfoil on it and up to $5,000 for launching one.

Volunteers have been pulling out milfoil, but even with all of the work – the milfoil continues to spread. The Maine Department of Environmental Protection knows they can never get 100 percent of the milfoil out of the lake, but if the lakes groups can get it under control, they say they can be preventive, identifying and attacking small patches of milfoil before they bloom into a million-dollar headache.

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