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Milfoil Shuts Down an Area of Lake Attitash
The Lake Attitash Association is asking boaters and fishermen to keep out of the lake’s Turtle Cove area until an invasion of milfoil weeds can be eradicated

Spotted recently by the Lake Attitash Association volunteer weed watchers, milfoil weeds are a freshwater aquatic plant that spreads rapidly and can take over entire sections of a lake, changing its eco-structure.

Native to Europe and Asia, milfoil weeds appear to have been introduced to North America in the mid-20th century. They can cause trouble for bathers who can get caught up in them and be spread by boaters that break them into fragments with their motors or paddles. Just a 1-inch-long piece of milfoil weed alone can start new growth in another area of the lake.

Working with private donations and funding from the city of Amesbury and the town of Merrimac, the 21-year-old nonprofit volunteer organization was able to raise roughly $60,000 to eradicate a previous milfoil invasion in 2012. In 2013, a smaller number of milfoil weeds were detected and were also removed.

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Invasive Species Threaten Nevada - Over than 1 million acres have been burned by wildfires this year in Nevada, including nearly 450,000 acres torched in the Martin Fire north of Winnemucca this summer. The blaze was fueled in large part by the non-native cheatgrass and wiped out both prime cattle grazing lands and some of the state’s premier habitat for the protected sage grouse.

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