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Trash Hunter Picks Up Trash From Lake Michigan After Heavy Rains
With heavy rains this summer, Scott Cassavant and his crew of the Lynyrd Skymmr have been scooping up debris eight hours a day. debris skimmer, debris skimmer boat, trash boat, floating debris skimmer, river skimmer,
"When there is a heavy rain with a lot of current flow, what is a living, thriving tree will become uprooted and ends up in the river," Cassavant said.

It's important to remove the large logs because they are a navigational hazard to boats out on the water. It's also important to remove smaller pieces of plastic. trash skimmer, skimmer boat

"They don't bio-degrade. They take hundreds, if not thousands, of years to break down," Cassavant said.

The plastics are also a source of bacteria. Logs are natural; however, if you hit one with your boat, it will likely cause major damage.

"This could put a hole in the side of a fiberglass boat," Cassavant said.

Last year, the sewer district collected enough trash to fill 61 20-cubic-yard dumpsters.

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