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Controversy Over Herbicide Applications on Buckley Dunton Lake
Buckley Dunton Reservoir is a 161-acre artificial lake was created by the construction of a dam I the 1950’s. It’s considered a swamp or wetland on the southern end where four abutters reside while the majority of the shoreline property is owned by the state of Massachusetts. Becket Lake

The four abutters paid the state $15,000 to conduct an application on herbicides, but many residents are objecting to the treatment and put a temporary restraining order on the contractor to stop a scheduled second application. However, the second treatment had gone forward despite the restraining order. weed

The questions is “Whose lake is it” and who has the right to decide to treat this public area. The lake is owned by the state gave permission and assistance to the four to perform the treatment even though Buckley Dunton Lake is considered a community lake. Residents are raising questions about the legality of the state’s actions and a host of other issues related to the herbicide application that may only be settled in a courtroom.

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