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Trash Hunters

Trash Hunters clean up floating debris from harbors, rivers and other waterways plagued with this unsightly navigational hazard, rescuing waterways and making them safe for public use and consumption. With their twin catamaran hulls, Trash Hunters easily retrieve a wide variety of manmade and organic floating debris including liter, old tires, leaves, timber, branches and logs. The Trash Hunter has also proven instrumental in small scale oil recovery operations. debris skimmer, trash skimmer, river skimmer

As unwanted debris is collected, it is conveyed on board and stored in the generous storage hold area. Complete instrumentation and hydrostatic hydraulics enable a single operator to manage all functions of the debris skimmer without coming into direct contact with the refuse. The adjustable collection flares enable the operator to clean out even tight corners. debris skimmer, trash skimmer, river skimmer

The Trash Hunters are available in a variety of sizes to tackle every application. Considerations such as water salinity are a major factor in deciding which configuration will best suit your needs.

Titan Series Trash Hunter
The largest marine debris and trash skimmer offered world wide! Engineered to withstand Sea State 4 conditions, the Titan Series® Trash Hunters are the flagship of debris removal equipment. These innovative vessels solve marine problems in ports, cities and coastal areas susceptible to harsher elements. Titan Series® Trash Hunters feature a state-of-the-art waterjet propulsion system, enabling them to transit greater distances at higher speeds than their standard size counterparts.

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