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Weed Cutters

A Unique Machine for Restoration Projects

For exceptional aquatic plant management challenges we offer specialized weed cutting machines. Often used in conjunction with conventional Harvesters, these heavy duty cutters are designed to remediate the most severe aquatic plant infestations. aquatic cookie cutter cookie cutter vegetation wild rice cultivation

Swamp Devil®

The powerful Swamp Devil® is the ultimate tool for controlling densely matted aquatic vegetation. This heavy duty shredder is the much improved successor to the Cookie Cutter produced in the 1970's.  It will effortlessly plow through bogs, water hyacinth, cattails, small trees, tulle, tussocks and other stubborn growth that cannot be managed with traditional harvesting equipment.

As easily as it bulldozes dense aquatic growth, the AVC-101 Swamp Devil® also carves through the subsoil creating an open water channel up to three feet deep and eight feet wide. This extraordinary capability allows the Swamp Devil to easily maneuver in shallow environments.

The Swamp Devil® is useful for opening irrigation and drainage ditches, cutting channels, restoring wetland areas and reclamation of a variety of other inhospitable marshy aquatic areas.

Weed Tow Boats

Weed Tow Boats offer the perfect solution to nuisance aquatic vegetation in deep water canals. Outfitted with a plow that is lowered off the stern and dragged along the channel bottom, Weed Tow Boats rip vegetation loose at the roots.

The severed weeds quickly float to the surface where they are scooped up in the front end loader, then deposited on shore for disposal.

The Weed Tow Boats have a very low profile and narrow width, making it highly maneuverable in tight confines with overhead obstructions.


Watch the video - Aquatic Vegetation Cutters in action

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