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Environmental Protection Agency
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North American Lake
Management Society 
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Department of Natural
Resources -
Division of Water
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Milwaukee Water Council
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39th Annual Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention
39th Annual Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention April 5th – 7th, 2017 Stevens Point, WI ... more >>
Giant Salvinia a Cure for Cancer
Giant Salvinia, a noxious aquatic plant native to Brazil; has been invading waters in warm climates of the United States since the late 1930’s. However, with continued funding for research on this invasive species, not only could an eradication method be discovered, but early research has shown that extracts from the plant can inhibit the growth of human tumor cells. ... more >>
The Twelve Days of Christmas – Aquatic Invasive Species Style
For the third year in a row, Wisconsin Sea Grant Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist Tim Campbell offers his AIS version of the classic “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” ... more >>

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Zebra Mussels Turn Up in Iowa’s Great Lakes - Zebra mussels harm lakes by consuming nutrients and excreting waste. They filter a lot of phytoplankton and zooplankton from the water, which are important for the native life.

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