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Dealing with Chemicals in Your Drinking Water
All the things that go down the drain and end up at the waste water treatment plant are not removed there. Some industrial byproducts end up in sewers, agricultural chemicals that run off farmland, and pharmaceuticals that pass through our bodies can end up in our streams and lakes. ... more >>

Human Impact on Aquatic Plant Life
Algal blooms in Bednesti Lake led researchers to look into how human disturbances impact aquatic plant life. ... more >>

Green Water is Costing Iowa Residents Millions of Dollars
A national environmental organization labeled the Raccoon River one of the country’s most endangered because of toxic algae and nitrates. Des Moines Water Works called it a “catastrophe,” as the Raccoon is the major source for drinking water for a half-million Iowans. ... more >>

Curly-leaf Pondweed Disappearing from Clear Lake Shores
Curly-leaf pondweed begins to grow during the fall at the bottom of bodies of water, like Clear Lake, with its life cycle coming to an end in the late spring and early summer. When curly-leaf pondweed dies, wind and waves detach it from where it has been growing, and it begins to wash up on the shores. ... more >>

Researchers Discover that Zebra Mussels Increase Blue-Green Algae
While invasive zebra mussels consume small plant-like organisms called phytoplankton, Michigan State University researchers discovered during a long-term study that zebra mussels can actually increase Microcystis, a type of phytoplankton known as "blue-green algae" or cyanobacteria, that forms harmful floating blooms. ... more >>

Hawaii to Impose User Fee to Help Ocean Conservation Efforts
In an effort to protect the marine environment in Hawaii, nine bills were recently signed into law to raise funds to manage marine resources as well as criminalize entangling and killing of sharks. ... more >>

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Military and Government Groups Endorse North Carolina Salt Marsh Protection Plan - A group of military and government leaders has endorsed an initiative to protect the one million acres of salt marsh that stretches from North Carolina down to northeast Florida.

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