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How Shipping Ports can Become More Sustainable
Despite their economic importance, ports have adverse effects on the environment, including local air and water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, noise and air pollution, traffic congestion and widespread contamination of sediments. ... more >>

Eurasian Milfoil Infestation Exacerbated by Boats
The milfoil problem on Black Lake is exacerbated when propellers on boats going through the lake chop it up the and spread its seeds. ... more >>

Mysterious Eagle Deaths Linked to Cyanobacterium
Bald eagles and other wildlife can succumb to vacuolar myelinopathy, a neurological disease. A cyanobacterium that grows on invasive aquatic plants produces the disease-causing neurotoxin, affecting wildlife in a bottom-up trophic cascade through the food chain. ... more >>

Asian Carp have the Potential to Devastate the Great Lakes
Asian carp have the potential to devastate the Great Lakes if as few as 10 mature females and 10 or fewer males were to reach any of the Great Lakes and the anticipated impacts of climate change could exacerbate the risk. ... more >>

Road Salt Can Be Toxic To Fish and Wildlife
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, chloride can be toxic to aquatic life if it is present for long periods at levels above 230 parts per million. A short exposure to chloride at 860 parts per million can also be lethal. ... more >>

More than 30 States Find Invasive Zebra Mussels in Aquarium Moss Balls
Pet stores in more than 30 states across the country have been selling aquarium moss balls infested with invasive zebra mussels. ... more >>

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Shade Balls Prevent Water Evaporation - Sylmar, CA. DWP release 96 million black shade balls. A cost-effective infrastructure investment that conserves water and ensures drinking water quality covering the Los Angeles reservoir that will help the City of Los Angeles comply with US EPA regulations for drinking water.

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