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Environmental and Ecological Impacts of Flyboarding
There are a variety of potentially very serious environmental and ecological impacts of these water jet devices on lake ecosystems. Like a wave runner or jet ski the devices use a water jet through a nozzle to generate very high thrust. Unlike a jet ski in which the thrust is horizontal, the high thrust of these devices is directed in multiple vector directions - often a downward vector in order to propel the user into the air.
• That poses very significant potential impacts to a lake ecosystem, including:
Mortality to entrained organisms, such as zooplankton animals, which are not likely to survive the cavitation resulting from the ejection through water jet nozzles.
• Sediment resuspension is likely to be a very serious impact in lakes. A water jet directed downward with 500 - 700 lbs of thrust will undoubtedly cause unconsolidated bottom sediments to be disturbed and suspended into the water column. That would result in significant nutrient enrichment and would likely stimulate phytoplankton growth (probably stimulating Cyanobacteria).
• The substantial downward thrust of nozzle water jets could also impact the summer thermal stratification structure of lakes, "poking a hole in the thermocline" and upwelling nutrient-rich anoxic hypolimnetic water from the tropholytic zone into the surface trophogenic zone where phytoplanktonic productivity occurs. That could stimulate eutrophication, increased algae growth, and Cyanobacteria.

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Eutrophication: A Silent Killer of Lakes - Eutrophication is the nutrient enrichment of waters that stimulates an array of symptomatic changes that can include increased phytoplankton and rooted aquatic plant production, fisheries and water quality deterioration, and other undesirable changes that interfere with water uses.

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