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Floating Gardens Tackle Water Hyacinth Growth
The disctrict of Puri in Odisha had been facing the trouble with water hyacinth infesting water bodies, ever since floods affected 10 million people and three million hectares of agricultural land in 1982. For three decades, the hyacinth grew on water on such an extent, that it ended up clogging agricultural canals and harming farming systems.

The Regional Centre for Development Cooperation (RCDC) came up with a plan to create floating gardens. The idea behind Floating gardens is a concept which has for long been witnessed at Srinagar's popular Dal Lake, and involves small farms set up on water bodies. Bamboo beds which are an average 20ft x 5ft x 1ft are floated on water with dried water hyacinth entwined to form a mesh underneath them.

The mesh is covered with a four inch layer of silt and chopped water hyacinth leaves mixed together, which is in turn covered with a five inch layer of silt, and the top most layer is three inches of a mixture with soil, silt and dry leaves from leguminous plants.

The initiative not only tackles the growth of water hyacinth, but also makes it an essential commodity for floating gardens, as RCDC also introduced the idea of using hyacinth as fertilizer to farmers in the area.

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