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Study Finds Links Between Deforestation and Fisheries Yields in the Amazon
The conversion of tropical forests to crop and pastureland has long been a concern for scientists, as forest loss can lead to decreased rainfall, increased droughts, and degraded freshwater ecosystems. A new study points to another unexpected consequence: changes in fish production.

The study, led by Leandro Castello, assistant professor of fisheries in Virginia Tech's College of Natural Resources and Environment, explores how deforestation along the Amazon River floodplain affects fisheries yields. The study was published online Dec. 13 by the journal Fish and Fisheries.

Roughly one-third of the global wild-caught fish yield comes from the tropics. Inland fisheries are vital to that food production. The quality of the area of land adjacent to a river, referred to as a floodplain, can play a large part in fisheries production.

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