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Dirty Water and Toxic Fish
Industrial activities, especially coal fly ash pollution, have drastically altered the hydrology, ecology and topography of the Ennore creek, an expert study has found.

Twenty samples of fishes, including fin fish, crab, prawn and oyster/mussels, were tested along with five samples of locally home-grown vegetables such as drumsticks, drumstick leaves, brinjal and ladies finger.

High levels of lead and cadmium, in excess of concentration limits prescribed by European Union Regulations, was found in the fishes.

Copper, which can cause deformity of gills and also harm olfactory abilities of fishes, was found in all the samples. Selenium found in samples can affect the reproductive ability of fishes. Lead was found in all oyster samples; consuming this can harm the bones and mental development of children.

The vegetables that were studied also had "detectable and significant levels" of chromium and lead.

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