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Businessman uses Milfoil Harvester to Cut Out Invasive Water Plant
A mechanical milfoil harvesting machine has seen steady work on Black Lake this summer, according to one of the owners of the apparatus.

Black Lake resident Bob Gordon said he purchased the equipment along with fellow businessman Jay Carter and has been contracting with local waterfront property owners to help pull up and remove floating blankets of the invasive weed species known as Eurasian milfoil.

Use of the milfoil harvester didn’t begin until after the bass hatching season in the middle of June, according to Mr. Gordon. He said since that time he has provided the milfoil removal service to approximately 25 customers. He said although the removal process is not perfect, and it will not completely eradicate the plant, it can be a big help for property owners who need to clear their waterfront either on an annual basis or every few years.

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