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Harvesting Water Hyacinth to Produce Yoga Mats
Of the many indeterminate contaminants that pollute Bellandur Lake which cause it to burst into flames, and foam and froth with boring regularity, Bellandur lake has been taken over by water hyacinth. A Bengaluru-based company, co-founded by actor, model and fitness enthusiast Milind Soman and serial sports entrepreneur Darshan M, decided to find a use for the fast-growing aquatic plant. Their firm, Deivee, which manufactures sustainable active lifestyle products, decided to produce mats from the leaves of the water hyacinth plants in Bellandur.

First, the water hyacinth leaves are harvested from the lake. Then they were sent through many cycles of washing and rinsing to rid them of the dirt and waste from the lake. Then the leaves were dried thoroughly for a week, and sent to weavers in Bhavani village in Tamil Nadu to create the mats.

The roject ensures sustainability on two fronts – the environment and livelihoods of weavers.

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