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For Hong Kong to Win the Plastics War, it Must go Cold Turkey on Tableware
In collaboration with Cafe de Coral, Fairwood and Maxim’s, the Environmental Campaign Committee of Hong Kong recently announced a HK$1.2 million government-funded scheme to get Hongkongers out of the habit of using disposable tableware for takeaway food.

Although it is a well-intentioned move, giving away reusable utensils may just result in their gathering dust along with all those reusable bags we have. Still, considering how hardly anyone keeps disposable plastic tableware, reducing how much we throw away is a good start.

According to the UN Environment Programme, plastic use in the consumer goods sector carries an annual hidden cost of US$75 billion. These unaccounted for costs result from air pollution caused by incinerating plastic and from marine pollution, and may include waste disposal costs passed on to local governments.

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