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Keeping Milwaukee’s Waterways Clean for the DNC
The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewer District is preparing for the Democratic National Convention and the appearance of clean water is a big part of show casing what the city offers.

Milwaukee’s Trash Hunter, the Lynyrd Skymmr plays a huge role in keeping the waterways debris free. This debris skimmer boat can collect anything from plastic bottles to whole trees, the debris is hauled on board and then unloaded to dumpsters on shore.

In 2017 the skimmer boat collected 1,545 cubic yards of floating debris which is enough to fill over 77 commercial-size dumpsters and in 2018 the skimmer removed 1,540 cubic yards of debris.

The city is preparing for about 50,000 visitors during the DNC next summer and we are thrilled that the Trash Hunter we produced for the MMSD will help the local waterways be a shining star for all to enjoy!

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