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At Aquarius Systems, our goal is to make waterways usable and enjoyable. Aquatic weed harvesters, trash skimmer boats, amphibious excavators, aquatic weed cutters and a variety of support equipment will help reclaim lakes, rivers and reservoirs from the unwanted vegetation and floating debris that negatively impact recreation and navigation.

Aquatic Plant Harvesters cut vegetation up to 6' below the waters surface, collects and stores it on board.  Once the storage container is full, the harvester uses conveyors to offload the cut weeds.

Trash Hunters are designed to collect unwanted debris from harbors, rivers and other waterways.  The skimmer boats can easily retrieve a wide variety of manmade and organic floating debris including plastic trash, tires, branches and logs.

A highly unique machine designed to work in areas inaccessible to conventional digging equipment, the Amphibious Excavator tackles a variety of challenging applications such as in canals, along shorelines and in wetland areas.

Weeds Cutters offer plant managment of densely matted aquatic vegetation such as bogs, water hyacinth and other heavy growth.  The Swamp Devil® bulldozes and shreds its way through the growth while carving through the subsoil to create an open channel of water.

Outfitted with a plow that rips the vegetation loose at the roots and a front end loader to collect and deposit the vegetation on shore, the Weed Tow Boat is the perfect solution to nusiance aquatic vegetation in deep water canals.

To enhance surface water management efforts, a variety of support equipment is also available including:
A variety of Trailers which are designed to haul equipment to work sites as well as options that haul weedloads to disposal sites.

Shore & Pier Conveyors create an unloading link between land and water.  The weeds or trash are emptied onto the conveyor, which elevates the load up into a waiting dump truck or dumpster.

With high speed hulls and a variety of propulsion options, the Transport Barges are used to shuttle weed loads to shore.  This will increase the efficiency of the weed harvesting program by up to 90% by allowing the harvester to immediately resume work.

Tender Barges are designed to work in conjunction with the Amphibious Excavators to serve as a means of transferring loads from worksite to shore for off loading.


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