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If you Love Something Set it Free; or is that Just Making Pollution?
"If Valentine’s is meant to be about love, then I feel that it’s our moral, social and spiritual responsibility to protect the ocean and our environments, specifically to protect the animals we all love. In the spirit of Valentine’s, if we’re truly going to show love, let’s show love to Mother Earth," said Project O creator Rich German.

The weekend after Valentine's Day he personally collected 31 balloons in just a few hours off the coast of Laguna Beach.  The staff of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center were out doing research and monitoring, but ended up collecting balloons as well; 20 in just a few hours.

The balloons are not only dangerous for marine mammals, but for marine birds and the entire ecosystem as a whole.  If they don't get swallowed by fish or birds, they break down into micro plastics.

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